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Welcome to the homepage of the UK branch of Kaze Arashi Ryu.

Kaze Arashi Ryu was introduced into the UK in 1985. The governing body for Kaze Arashi Ryu in the UK, the United Kingdom Kaze Arashi Ryu, now has clubs throughout the UK; please check this website for your nearest club. The association teaches traditional martial arts under the guidance of Menkyo (Licensed) Instructors.

Kaze Arashi Ryu is a martial art that encompasses the arts of:-

    The art of receiving and redirecting an opponent's energy through throws and joint manipulation.

    The art of striking to vital targets and pressure points with the hands, arms and feet.

    The art of fighting with blades, including all lengths of swords and knives.

    The art of fighting with staves, or sticks of all lengths.

Some weapons do bridge the Kenjutsu and Jojutsu syllabus and are taught under both arts, for instance the Naginata and Nagamaki (forms of halberd).
Hojo waza (techniques for tying and restraining prisoners) and tessen waza (techniques of the samurai war fan) are also taught to students.
The weapons and empty hand arts are separated for learning purposes only; the principles of Kaze Arashi Ryu bridge all the arts of the system as the practitioner will be required to deal with a situation whether empty handed or not and against single and multiple attackers. The techniques do not require great strength or speed to be executed correctly.

No one is prevented from training but enthusiasm and commitment are encouraged.
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